Meet Justine!

Justine is a Director of Software Engineering at Mastercard working in the NuData Security group. In addition to their role at Mastercard, they work as an AWS Academy Accredited Instructor for BCIT and UBC. They are an aspiring novelist working on releasing a fantasy-fiction novel in 2021. Justine’s pronouns are they/them.

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Working at Mastercard

Justine calls themself a “chaos engineer” but that’s maybe not what you think it is. An award-winning grad of the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma and the Computer Systems Technology (CST) BTech in Network Security and Network Administration, Justine specializes in designing and implementing software solutions in the cloud.

They love the range of roles in this part of the tech sector, where they might be acting as DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, or Chaos Engineer. In that last role, they’re just engineering chaos to improve how underlying systems handle it: the focus is on refining cloud architecture while testing the resiliency of systems that leverage real-time machine learning models.

Ensuring a resilient and safe system is critical, since, in their day job, Justine spends a lot of time securing data in the e-commerce and financial sectors as a director of software engineering at Mastercard. Their focus is on scalable, cost efficient cloud architecture and innovative device solutions for organizations looking to reduce consumer friction and prevent fraud online.

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Teaching Cloud Technologies

In addition to their role at Mastercard, Justine Fox also teaches at BCIT and UBC as an Accredited Instructor for AWS Academy. Justine is accredited for running six different AWS Academy courses and is available to run AWS Workshops (digital only). This includes a full range of different frontend, backend, big data, and mobile technologies, plus everything from development to production.


Justine has the following active certifications:

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Bachelor of Technology
Major: Computer Systems; Minor: Network Administration; Minor: Network Security
British Columbia Institute of Technology (2010-2013)

Diploma of Technology
Computer Information Technology
British Columbia Institute of Technology (2008-2010)